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How to repay a loan

The loans may be repaid as follows:

  • Automatically from current or card account opened with Credit Agricole Bank by subscribing the Direct debit service*
  • In any outlet of Credit Agricole Bank.
  • using «i-Bank» Service of Credit Agricole, if you are subscribed to, indicating the agreement details*
  • via institutions of any other banks indicating the agreement details** (applicable commissions are according to the institution’s tariffs) platizhne.jpg
  • using Internet-banking service of any other bank, indicating the agreement details * (applicable commissions are according to the tariffs of such bank)

** For details and amount to repay the loan, please, refer to the loan agreement or call Contact Center of Credit Agricole Bank: 800 30 5555

Direct Debit

Direct debit of past due loan outstanding is a service the Bank aimed at ensuring timely and regular repayment of overdue loans of the customers on due dates specified in the loan agreement.

Direct Debit Peculiarities 

Direct debit of relevant amount of accrued loan obligations at the time of past due debt occurrence is performed by the Bank automatically. 

  • Direct debit may be performed from either current or card accounts.
  • Direct debit is performed within the balance of your accounts.
  • You may perform Direct debit under several loan agreements from the same current account.
  • You may perform Direct debit under one loan agreement from several accounts (current and/or card account).
  • To ensure efficiency of the service you need to constantly maintain the availability of funds in current and/or card account.
  • Currency of current and/or card account must be the same as of the loan agreement.

To subscribe to the Direct debit service, contact the outlet of Credit Agricole where your loan agreement was concluded, and sign the Application for regular payments/direct debit.

Please note the following when you repay the loan via institutions of any other banks 

  • to ensure timely repayment it is recommended to make payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date
  • Payment amount must include tariffs of sending bank and daily changes of currency exchange rates. So it is recommended to credit funds in amount at least 10% larger than payment amount. If the credited amount exceeds the payment amount, it is credited for repayment of the loan principal amount and in case of complete repayment – to your current account.
  • For information about crediting the payment for the loan repayment, call Contact Center of Credit Agricole Bank: 800 30 5555.
  •  To repay the loan it is not necessary to re-execute the loan agreement in any other bank.
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