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“i-Bank” internet banking: regular payments settings
«i-Bank», відео 12: управління послугою GSM-банкінгу
06 Переказ коштів на користь третіх осіб
“i-Bank” internet banking: main page and general overview of the system
“i-Bank” internet banking: detailed information about your cards and accounts
“i-Bank” internet banking: detailed information about your loans and deposits
“i-Bank” internet banking: replenishment of personal cards, accounts and deposits or loan repayment
“i-Bank” internet banking: creating and managing payment templates
“i-Bank” internet banking: money transfers to the third parties
“i-Bank” internet banking: payment details and transaction history
“i-Bank” internet banking: payment cards security management
“i-Bank” internet banking: additional cards ordering
“i-Bank” internet banking: setting individual limits
Про систему гарантування вкладів фізичних осіб
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