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Alex the robot addresses requests from clients in Credit Agricole Сontact center and messengers

20 January 2022

Intelligent IVR – Alex the robot answers calls from clients in Credit Agricole Сontact center as well as messages on Viber and Telegram. He is able to automatically recognize human speech, identify the request and, based on the complexity level, either processes it independently or forwards it to a corresponding bank employee.

Upon receiving the client request at the bank Contact center, Alex can inform a caller about the following all by himself:

  • the amount available on the card account;
  • 3 latest deposits on the card;
  • the credit card minimum mandatory payment;
  • the mandatory payment amount for the Svoboda loan in the current month;
  • the amount outstanding till the full repayment of a loan
  • convenient communication with the contact center requiring just the Internet connection.

In just a few months Alex the robot has been able to process over 20 000 requests, saving clients a lot of time. In case of a more complicated request, having authorized the client, Alex forwards the call to Credit Agricole Contact center employee.

In order to improve the quality and the speed of service, the bank is engaging RPA-robots – program assistants undertaking routine tasks. Over 20 robots are being employed by the bank as of now.

Just as before, one can communicate with Credit Agricole Сontact center via phone 0 800 30 55 55, as well as via Viber, Telegram, web-call on the bank site, mobile app CA+, through direct messages at the Bank’s Facebook page and Instagram.


About Credit Agricole: 

JSC “Credit Agricole Bank” is a modern universal bank provides the entire range of banking services, is the leader in car lending, and strategic partner to agribusiness. The bank belongs to the international Credit Agricole Group (France), the European leader in bancassurance and asset management, and the bank No 1 according to Euromoney. Reliability and business reputation of Credit Agricole Ukraine is confirmed by the leading positions in the ratings of bank resilience, reliability of bank deposits, and the most profitable banks, as well as by 264,000 active private customers and more than 31,000 business customers, including 1,160 multinational and large corporations, 1,580 medium-sized corporate clients and more than 28,480 SMEs and entrepreneurs. According to the NBU, the bank is among the TOP-10 in the market by the amount of assets.

Credit Agricole is also a socially responsible bank. Since 2016 the bank has been running a wide-scale Corporate Social Responsibility program «We Care!», which includes 4 major areas such as charity, eco initiatives, volunteering and caring about employees. . 



Viktoriia Torianyk, Head of the brand and communications department of Credit Agricole Bank.


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