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Rules of financial security

31 March 2020

Dear customers,

In addition to SMSs containing information that payment card is blocked, cases with phone calls asking for information became more frequent. Using various social engineering schemes, fraudsters incline disclosure of confidential information. Please note that Credit Agricole never sends such SMS messages nor makes phone calls to specify any information. We are asking you not to react to such messages and in case of need or doubt, contact the Bank only at telephone number of the Bank’s Contact Center – 0 800 30 55 55.

We also take the opportunity to remind you basic rules that will protect you against fraudsters:

  • Do not tell anyone the passwords we send you in text messages. The same rule applies to card PIN code, validity and СVV (three-digit code on the reverse side) and control questions.
  • If you received a call from an unknown person, do not trust them even if they introduce themselves as employees of the bank, the NBU or police. In such situation, you should make a control call to the bank and inform on the suspicious activity.
  • Set expense limits and notifications on changes in the balance. This will help you monitor your financial transactions.
  • To connect with the bank quickly, write down the telephone number of our call center. This will allow you to promptly notify us of suspicious issues.
  • If your account was debited or you lost your card or telephone, you should call the bank to block all financial transactions. The next step will to provide this information to police.

Use our services safely. Take care of yourself and of your nearest and dearest.

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