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Advantages and functionality of new online banking for business - CORPEX

27 September 2022

On September 19, Credit Agricole launched CORPEX – a new high-tech online banking solution for legal entities and entrepreneurs. When creating CORPEX, the bank was guided by the customer demand for a fully functional and easy-to-use digital solution that would spare them time for visiting a bank branch. Therefore, the new online banking system combines useful functionality and user-friendly interface, allowing efficient online finance management.

Advantages of the new online banking CORPEX system:

  • Online access to accounts from all over the world
  • Integration solutions between accounting systems of the customer and services of the bank
  • Allocation of system access rights by amounts, users and types of transactions
  • Possibility to work in multi-customer mode
  • Maximum level of service security and the possibility to work in any browser

Functionalities of CORPEX:

  • Payments in local and foreign currencies
  • Statements according to different filters
  • Balance of funds for an account or group of accounts
  • All types of applications and a secure communication channel for sending messages
  • Payroll
  • Autoclient ensuring the function of automatic import to/export from CORPEX

"The customer is always in the focus of any product or service of Credit Agricole. The main goal of launching the new online banking CORPEX system is to improve the customer experience of using the online banking to make it as handy and enjoyable as possible. We made sure that the transition to the new system was smooth and offered users a quick and clear migration process, while our specialists support customers at each of the stages. Of course, information from the previous online banking solution will be available in the new CORPEX. The ability to generate a qualifying electronic signature from Credit Agricole, an advanced module for managing salary projects and corporate cards in CORPEX coming soon", says Nataliia Honcharova, Head of the Cash Management Department at Credit Agricole.

Credit Agricole gradually migrates all existing customers who use Style online banking to the new CORPEX system and at the same time invites new customers to connect to the system. Would you like to learn more about the functionalities of CORPEX? Contact your manager at Credit Agricole or call our Contact center using a dedicated support line for business customers at 0 800 300 004.

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