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Turning shopping into pleasure – PRICELESS!

31 October 2017

Pay with Mastercard®* premium card from Credit Agricole Bank in Duty Free shops using preliminary order service ** at: or in MyDutyFree mobile application. Use promo code MCPREMIUM that gives a discount of 15 %*** for all products bought in Duty Free shops.

The campaign will last till 31.12.2017

Campaign participation details>>

* Gold Mastercard, World Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard, World Elite Mastercard, World Black Edition Mastercard cards are accepted for participation in the campaign.

** Place your pre-order not later than one hour prior to departure.

***The campaign is available in Duty Free shops in the following international airports: “Kyiv” (“Kyiv” Airport, 2 Medova Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000) “Boryspil” (Terminal D, Boryspil Airport, Boryspil-7, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 08307), and “Odesa” (CA Airport, Odesa, Ukraine, 65054). The discount means a 15% discount on total purchase amount –pre-ordered products and those additionally bought directly in Duty Free shops. Discount doesn’t apply to special offers1 and certain goods2.

1Special offers are the goods selected by Duty Free shops on a monthly basis and to which special discount of the shop amounting up to 30% applies.

2Certain goods are the goods to which discount doesn’t apply, and namely: any products by Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, and Antonio Banderas TMs; perfumes by Davidoff Cool Water, Davidoff Cool Water Women, Moschino Funny, Paco Rabanne Paco, Versace Woman, Versace Jeans Blue, and Versace Jeans Red TMs.

Visit for details.

MyDutyFree is an innovative service for online shopping in Duty Free shops that provides new possibilities in using services, and in particular it saves your money and time.

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