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Credit Agricole has its ISO 9001 certificate confirmed in the area of car loans

27 June 2022

Credit Agricole has its ISO 9001 certificate for car loans confirmed based on successfully passing the second supervisory audit by the quality management system. The certificate is valid through June 2023 and serves proof that all car loan processes in the Head Office and outlets of the bank are in compliance with the international standard requirements.

«For the eleventh year in a row the results of regular audits prove the high quality of our car loan processes management. We are the only bank in Ukraine that holds ISO 9001 certificate for car loansEven in the time of war we strive to uphold the highest standards of serviceas the good graces of our customers and their trust are priceless for us», - commented Galyna ZhukovaDeputy Chairman of the Management Board of Credit Agricole Bank.

The inspection was conducted by Bureau Veritas, French inspection and certification company. Based on the results of the inspection of processes at the Head Office and eight outlets of Credit Agricole, the auditors discovered no flaws. The bank team confirmed once again that car loans quality management system stands at a high level.

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