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Credit Agricole Bank bought medical equipment for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center

31 January 2018

Credit Agricole Bank donated monitors for patients of the Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center. Together with the charity fund “Tvoia Opora”, the bank purchased and transferred three complete set monitors needed for medical treatment of patients. These high-quality devices allow monitoring the frequency of cardiac cycle, degree of oxygen in blood, arterial tension, mechanics, frequency of breathing, body temperature and many other important indicators.

«Helping health care institution is a special part of corporate social responsibility strategy of the bank. Last year, the bank began to cooperate with the Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center. Since then our employees have organized 5 regular Donor Days. We care about the work of the Center and appreciate high professionalism of its doctors and medical staff. Cardiac Center is one of the highly-specialized medical institutions in Ukraine where the most complex congenital heart defects can be corrected irrespective of patient’s age. Doctors of the Center perform more than 1,500 complex surgeries per year, and invest their energy to save lives. Specialists of the Center also bring innovative foreign practices and technologies thus contributing to the development of health care industry in Ukraine, Jean-Paul Piotrowski, CEO of Credit Agricole Bank comments. Next step of our bank is to facilitate the high mission of life saving and therefore, we invested into three monitors for patients. We hope that this equipment will make doctor’s work more effective and speed up the recovery of patients”. 

Purchase of monitors for patients is one more project implemented by the bank together with the Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center and the charity Fund “Tvoia Opora”.

“We are pleased that Credit Agricole Bank has been supporting the work of our center for more than a year. Monitors for patients are the equipment which has long been required. The devices will help us faster response to changes in patient’s condition and trace vital indicators. Every day our specialists perform free surgeries for patients with congenital and non-heritable heart defects. Money is needed only to pay for blood donation as at least two donors’ blood is required for each surgery. And again, we want to thank Credit Agricole Bank as during our cooperation employees of the bank held 5 Donor Days and donated blood and platelet concentrate, Volodymyr Zhovnir, Chief medical officer of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center comments.

“We thank Credit Agricole Bank for such manifestation of corporate social responsibility and humane attitude. Developing and enhancing its business, the company sets one more priority – the priceless priority of a human life. From now on, each employee of Credit Agricole Bank should know: it is thanks to its employer the hearts of those who were at the point of death will keep beating. And without exaggerating, this is worth admiring. In our turn, we are proud that such professional of financial market as Credit Agricole Bank chose “Tvoia Opora” as a partner for its charity projects. This evidences our openness and transparency, Valeria Tatarchuk, the Chairman of the CF “Tvoia Opora” says. Our charity funds supports cardiac centers on a regular basis as heart diseases are the main factor of deaths in Ukraine. 68% mortality rate is a national disaster. However, we believe that by consolidating conscious public and large business we will manage to change that frightening statistics and save more human lives”.

During 2 years after launch of the “We Care!” program, Credit Agricole Bank implemented more than 15 charity projects and initiatives.

About Credit Agricole:

PJSC «CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK» is a modern universal bank owned by the leading financial group in Europe – Credit Agricole Group (France). The Group is a major partner of the French economy and one of the largest banking groups in Europe. It is a leading retail bank in Europe, having the largest portfolio of assets under management, being first in the field of bank insurance and third - in project financing in Europe. Credit Agricole has been operating in the financial market of Ukraine since 1993 and renders the entire range of banking services to private individuals, including VIP clients, and business. The Bank pays special attention to cooperation with agricultural enterprises. Reliability and business reputation of CREDIT AGRICOLE in Ukraine is confirmed by the highest possible FITCH ratings, leading positions in bank sustainability, bank deposit reliability and bank profitability rankings, as well as by 300 000 active private and 18 000 corporate customers, including international corporations, large Ukrainian companies and representatives of small and medium business.


Viktoriia Torianyk, Head of PR and corporate communications Credit Agricole Bank.

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