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Credit Agricole Bank informs about working in normal mode

27 November 2018

Dear clients!   

Credit Agricole Bank informs youthat the introduction of martial law in 10 regions of Ukraine, will not influence the ordinary work of the bank. Credit Agricole will continue the normal mode of operations and will ensure uninterrupted payments services, money acceptance or disbursal from clients’ accounts, as well as fully equipped operating of ATM and branches.   

The banking system is working in normal mode. «The National Bank does not observe any risks for the uninterrupted operation of the banking sector in case of introduction of a martial law. The liquidity of the banking sector is about 75 billion USD, which is sufficient for its proper and smooth functioning», Yakiv Smolii, the Head of the National Bank, emphasized on 26th November, during the extraordinary meeting with bankers, where Credit Agricole Bank’s Chairman of Management Board was present as well.     

It is stated in the official press release of the National Bank, that NBU has no reasons for introduction of administrative measures in the monetary and foreign exchange markets.

Credit Agricole assures that all the bank’s services will be available in the normal mode. The bank will not establish any restrictions for cash withdrawal or for getting deposits on demand, bank will monitor and ensure the availability of sufficient cash in its own ATMs.

Credit Agricole Bank will keep clients informed about the further developments. 


Viktoriia Torianyk, Head of PR and corporate communications, Credit Agricole Bank


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