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Credit Agricole Group supports the team in the war time

29 June 2022

Credit Agricole employees in Ukraine received targeted humanitarian aid from the Group’s regional banks: Credit Agricole Charente Maritime Deux Sevres and Credit Agricole Anjou Maine. Around 40 pallets with clothing, food, hygiene products and other necessities were delivered to Dnipro, Kyiv, Poltava, Odesa and Lviv. From there they will further travel to different parts of Ukraine. Credit Agricole team is closely coordinating the deliveries, as everyone getting the help they need is important for the bank.

Support for employees is among the Group’s key priorities. In the first days of the war, the Group started the Emergency solidarity fund of 10 million euros. Credit Agricole employees in France and other countries collect funds and transfer them to support the Ukrainian colleagues, as well as for charity organizations. The Group has suspended its activities in Russia and the whole big Credit Agricole family, represented in 47 countries of the world, demonstrates its incredible solidarity with Ukrainian people.

The Group also supports its Ukrainian employees who were temporarily evacuated abroad, in particular to Poland. They get help with the search of housing, organizing working conditions so that the Ukrainian colleagues could continue working at the bank remotely.

We realize that support from the employer is of crucial importance in the time of hardship. Our team are aware that they can always rely on Credit Agricole!

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