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Help open Family Rooms in Ukrainian hospitals together with Mastercard and McDonald’s

08 June 2018

From 1 to 30 June 2018, pay by Mastercard® by Credit Agricole in McDonald’s, and UAH 2 from each order will be used for opening of Family Rooms in Kyiv OKHMATDYT*.

Opening of Family Rooms is made possible by the mission of Ronald McDonald House CharityRMHC is a charity organization whose activities are aimed at:

- opening houses and rooms for families of seriously ill children who get medical care far away from their homes;

- making health care accessible for children who need it;

- setting of grants and scholarships for advanced pupils and other charity events.

Ronald McDonald Houses implement the idea that nothing should distract a family from treatment of the child. The mission of Ronald McDonald House Charitie believes that when a person changes the life of a child, he/she changes the family that can change the society and, eventually, the world. Join the campaign and help make the world better.

Refer for details to and

*Each time you pay by Mastercard for any order in any amount in McDonald’s restaurants in Ukraine, UAH 2 (net of VAT) are transferred for support of the charity program “Palm of Happiness”. Transfer is made once by McDonald’s Ukraine Ltd. after the end of the campaign on the basis of a report provided by Mastercard company on the number of transactions made by Mastercard cards over the period of the campaign. The cost of order is calculated on the basis of prices of the restaurant. The campaign is on from 1 to 30 June 2018 inclusive in all McDonald’s restaurants all over Ukraine. All funds raised in the course of the charity program “Palm of Happiness” , including from sale of souvenirs (other than cost and VAT) will be transferred to the charity organization Ronald McDonald House CharitiesTM for its statutory activities, in particular, for opening of Family Rooms in OKHMATDYT (Kyiv).

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