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Credit Agricole Bank launches sending transactional notifications via Viber!

07 June 2018

From 2 July, Credit Agricole Bank launches customers’ informing on the executed card transactions via Viber. From now on, all notifications will be available in one app.

Please note that the bank uses only the official Credit Agricole Bank channel in Viber which may be recognized by a green tick mark next to the bank’s name:

To receive such notifications, it is necessary to have an installed Viber app and access to the Internet.

If at the moment of sending a notification, a Viber app is turned off on the recipient’s gadget, the notification will be delivered in a form of a regular SMS.

Please be reminded that sending advertising, promotional, greeting and other informational notifications of the bank via Viber has already been in place since July 2017. Now, notifications on executing card transactions are added to them. 

Please note that for security reasons, SMS channel will still be used for sending OTP-passwords for transactions in i-Bank and 3D secure. 

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