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Business is driver of the good deeds: Credit Agricole launches a promotion for its business clients

05 September 2022

Credit Agricole strives to be not only a reliable partner for its customersbut also initiates and encourages them to do good deeds together. In the period from September 5 to October 31, the bank is holding a promotion for business clients “Business is driver of the good deedsdedicated to the Day of Entrepreneur and the International Day of Charity. For customers who will get our promotional product we prepared gifts: NBU commemorative coins “In Unity, Strength”, good deeds certificates “Your Support” charity fund and special course at the Charity Academy by Valeriia Tatarchuk, founder of “Your Support

“The Day of Entrepreneur and the Day of Benefactor go hand in hand. This year we see a certain symbolism here. Entrepreneurs invest in Ukraine, support the economy, perform good deeds, thus becoming benefactors. On the other hand, every benefactor should now foster their business and act like an entrepreneur in order to help the society efficiently. As a socially responsible bank, we direct efforts towards the good deeds and sincerely rejoice when our customers share our values”, ― says Galyna ZhukovaDeputy Chairman of the Management Board of Credit Agricole Bank 

In order to take part in the promotion, register for at least one of the promotional products in the period from September 5 to October 31, 2022:

• Deposit Term for at least 3 months for the amount of UAH500,000. The customer is guaranteed to receive the NBU commemorative coin “In Unity, Strength” or a charity certificate from “Your Support.

 Deposit Free and conducting of at least one transaction on the current account for a total amount of at least UAH 200,000 in the promotion period. The customer automatically takes a part in the gift draw.

 Tariff packages for business on the condition of maintaining at least UAH 50,000 of average monthly balance. Clients who are the charity organizations are guaranteed to right to take part in the training course at the Charity Academy by Valeriia Tatarchuk, and also become participants in the draw for other gifts.

Legal entities and private entrepreneurs are eligible for the promotion. Within 10 working days after the end of the promotion, winners will be chosen from among the participants via The official rules of the promotion are here

NBU License No 99 dated 12.10.2011. Registration No 149 in the State Bank Register.

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