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UAH 2.1 million for anesthesia breathing apparatus for IPOG in Kyiv

09 September 2022

With the help of the charity foundation «Your Support», Credit Agricole donated a modern anesthesia breathing apparatus of expert class priced at UAH 2.1 million for intensive care unit of the National Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology (IPOG). Thanks to this apparatus, doctors will be able to perform more than 1,000 extra-sophisticated surgeries to children with pathologies. Main intention of the anesthesia breathing apparatus is “to breath for a child” in the course of complicated operations. It helps to make correct anesthesia, and controls oxygen supply to the body.

Support of health care system and aid to children have important place in charity projects of Credit Agricole and our hearts as this is for the future of Ukraine. 1,000 children are treated in the intensive care unit of IPOG every year, and the anesthesia breathing apparatus will help save their lives. This initiative is a part of the global program of corporate social responsibility We Care! that has been being implemented by the bank for more than 6 years. We sincerely aim to invest into the country, the national health, to make our contribution, and support those who need us the most”, Carlos de Cordoue, the CEO of the Credit Agricole, said during his visit to IPOGHe thanked doctors for their professionalism and care.

This year, Credit Agricole has significantly increased the amount of charity aid to Ukraine because of the war. Over 6 months, the bank allocated nearly UAH 15 million to support hospitals and help people affected by the war. Credit Agricole does good deeds in the framework of its own corporate social responsibility program We Care!, that includes: charity, volunteering, environmental initiatives, and caring about staff.

We appreciate our long-term and fruitful cooperation with Credit Agricole since we share the same values: to do good deeds systemically and efficiently. We always process each request from hospitals thoroughly, and together with the bank buy just the equipment needed by the specific hospital. Such systemic approach, for sure, helps us gradually improve the level of health care in our country and thus, save more lives”, Valeria Tatarchuk, Founder and CEO of “Your Support” foundationnoted during the joint visit to IPOG.

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