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HR Director

“Everything starts here!”

Our bank is a company of opportunities! In Credit Agricole Bank, you’ll find plenty of prospects, starting from career development, achievement of your potential, and self-development to expanding skills and international experience. It is important to us that everyone could improve, move forward and have a clear vision of own further career path. In Credit Agricole Bank, we highly appreciate knowledge and experience of everyone and wish for you to feel a part of united team. Every day we care about wellbeing, comfort, health, and safety of every employee. On top of that, we care about broadening the horizon, leisure, and active lifestyle of our team by arranging various trainings, sports and corporate events. The art of creating together, uniting the energy of each person, inspire and sense the value of a team underlie our internal culture. Hope you are joining us. Since everything starts here!


We give a particular attention to recruitment and seek to ensure equal treatment and opportunities to all candidates. We respect unique knowledge and experience of everyone, sincerely appreciate the interest in potential cooperation with Credit Agricole Bank, so not a single CV is left behind.

We expect that our potential employees:

  • Have high professional expertise, solid experience and special knowledge
  • Share the values of the Bank
  • Focus on achievement of high results
  • Commitment to common goal
  • Team spirit
  • Responsibility for own results
  • Determination to always be on the move, learn something new
  • Willingness to be a brand ambassador of Credit Agricole Bank

Our recruitment principles are based on:

Transparent selection
Equal opportunities for everybody

Our HR team:

Always ready to answer questions of potential candidates regarding employment in Credit Agricole Bank and help new employees to become a part of the Bank’s teem as soon as possible!

We’ll be happy to receive your resumes at

Contact center Credit Agricole
0 800 30 5555 Free