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Frequently Asked Questions

Card was lost or stolen – what should I do?

You must immediately call to the Contact Center of the Bank by dialing the number 0 800 30 5555 (free calls from landline all over Ukraine) or +380 44 495 22 77 (for calls from abroad), and block the card. Through this process you will protect the funds in your account from fraudsters. In order to reissue the card, please contact the outlet of the Bank. If you have found the card unexpectedly and you are sure that the third persons had no access to it – call the Contact Center of the Bank to unblock the card. 

ATM did not return the card – how can I get it back?

If the card is withheld due to technical failure, incorrect PIN-code or you forgot to retrieve it from card reader, you should contact the Bank to which this ATM belongs. In all other cases, please call (044) 495-22-77 (round-the-clock) to inform about all circumstances related to the card withholding and receive instructions on your further actions. In case of any unusual situations, please contact the Bank by calling (044) 495-22-77 (round-the-clock).

ATM did not dispense money or the whole amount requested – how to deal with this problem?

If ATM dispensed incorrect amount, the Account Owner should contact the Bank and file the transaction dispute application describing the circumstances of such transaction and submit a copy of the ATM receipt (if any).

If transaction under which the wrong amount was dispensed has been made in ATM that belongs to Credit Agricole Bank, the money will be returned to/debited from the account within three business days from the date of ATM cash collection.

Under transactions made in ATMs of other banks the money will be transferred to the card account after the Bank performs the procedures time limits of which are established by respective international payment system. 

I received SMS about transaction I had not performed – what should I do?

If you have the card in hand, it's most likely that its data became known to the third persons: the card could have been copied, taken photo of or somehow got an access to its details. If you don't have the card in hand, it is probably lost and used by fraudsters or stolen.

In any case, you should block the card by calling the Contact Center of the Bank 0 800 30 5555 (free calls from landline all over Ukraine) or +380 44 495 22 77 (for calls from abroad), and block the card! You can also do it via the Internet-banking «i-Bank» Credit Agricole.

Please recall what transactions have you made recently. Sometimes, SMS messages can be received with delay. If there was an error and transaction with the use of your card has been made indeed, you can always unblock the card by calling the Contact Center of the Bank.

How can I change PIN-code to my card?

In order to change PIN-code, insert the card into the ATM card reader, enter current PIN-code and select "Other transactions" in the menu. Then select "Change PIN-code" in the menu and enter the new PIN-code. Then press the button "Next". The new PIN-code should consist of at least 4 symbols. Enter new PIN-code once again and press the button "Next". 

I cannot remember PIN-code to my card - what should I do?

Unfortunately, the lost PIN-code cannot be restored. You should contact the outlet of the Bank to reissue the card. If you  are not sure that you can remember the PIN-code which was given to you together with the card, use the service of PIN-code change in any ATM of Credit Agricole Bank.

I have debt on my card, how can I repay it?

In case of debt under card account (unauthorized overdraft or loan payment past due), your card becomes unavailable for transactions of cash withdrawal or cashless settlements. At that, a message "Error No. 928, limited account" will be displayed on ATM screen or receipt. You can repay the debt by crediting the card or directly the card account in the Bank outlet or by transferring the money to the card in cashless form. You should remember that in case of instant card crediting (in the outlet or by online transfer) the account debt will be repaid on the next business day! Once the card account debt is repaid, the card becomes available for expense transactions.

My card is denominated in UAH, can I pay with it abroad?

All cards of Credit Agricole Bank are of international class. This means that regardless of the currency of the card account to which they are issued, you can pay with such cards all over the world.  If the currency of settlement is different from the currency of the card account, the amount will be automatically translated into the account currency at the exchange rate established by the Bank and/or international payment systems. 

Examples of such conversion are available in our information posts on Facebook (1, 2, 3).

Though I know for sure that there are money in the card account, I cannot pay with it or withdraw cash – what is going on with my card?

If when paying or withdrawing cash the payment terminal or ATM show transaction rejection error, it is likely due to card limits for certain types of transactions. Such setting was made by the Bank in order to protect your funds.

You can manage limits for cash withdrawal, cashless payments or payments in the Internet with your card by yourself with the help of the Internet-banking «i-Bank» or in the outlet of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK.

For this purpose, CREDIT AGRICOLE offers a convenient service of changing the limits on your card:

  • You can decrease or increase (within the limits established by the effective banking law) limits on your card for the following types of transactions:
  • Cash withdrawal in bank's ATMs in Ukraine and abroad
  • Cashless settlements in retail network
  • Payments in the Internet

Quasi cash settlements in the Internet (on websites of such bill aggregators as "Portmone", "iPay", etc.).

In order to set necessary limit values, you should:

  • Get an access to the Internet-banking "i-Bank" CREDIT AGRICOLE
  • Select from the list of your cards the one you want to set necessary limitation
  • Click the option "Limit change" in tab "Operations" and set necessary values by following the system instructions.

You can activate such limit changes for your card for a 1-day period or until the card's expiry date.

The same service of changing preset limitations for transactions under your card is available in the Bank outlet as well. The service is chargeable in accordance with the effective tariffs of the Bank.

Are any loyalty programs or benefits available for card holders? How can I participate?

Yes. Once in a while, Credit Agricole holds certain Promotions or promotional campaigns for holders of its cards. In such event, the Bank communicates the terms and rules of such campaigns to the customers by posting the relevant information in section "Promotional campaigns" on the website of the Bank, on official community page of Credit Agricole Ukraine on Facebook, in mass media or personally to the customer by telephone or mail.

Moreover, International Payment Systems provide long-term loyalty programs to card holders allowing the customers to receive discounts and bonus offers in certain points of sale.

For example, the International Payment System Visa has a simple global solution - Application Visa Explore, developed to inform Visa card holders about advantages of premium platform that allows them to make purchases with Visa simpler, more quickly and efficiently.

 Visa card holder can easily find special offers and promo-campaigns near his/her location in Ukraine and abroad - everything you need. Ranging from trip offers to restaurants, shops, and entertainment.

Main functions:

  • Using geolocation, function [Near] finds the best offers near your location and conveniently shows them on map. It is a perfect application for the customers who want know special promotional campaigns around.
  • Automatic messages inform about updates.
  • Users can find ATMs located nearby with the click of the button.
  • The application offers a quick access to emergency aid and telephone numbers of support service for premium card holders.

Read the installation and use instructions>> and Download application (link).

International payment System MasterCard developed its platform named "Bilshe" and allows the customers to receive discounts on certain goods by paying with Mastercard card for any purchases.

To join the program:

  • Go to the program's web site at
  • Register
  • Add the card to the system
  • Get bonus points and exchange them to discounts from the catalogue.

Any MasterCard cards are eligible to participate in the program.

What documents should I submit to open the card?

In order to open the card the following documents should be submitted:

  • passport of citizen of Ukraine (for non-residents – passport or other ID)
  • Identification Code Certificate (if any)

In addition:

  • for deposit card – a copy of the Deposit Agreement concluded with Credit Agricole should be also submitted.
  • for credit card - certificate on income for the last 6 months is required. When opening the credit card under salary project, the employment confirmation letter containing the position held and income received for the last 6 months is not required.
  • for pension and social card - identity document or other document confirming the customer's right to social payments should be submitted.
How to use ATM?

All operations in ATM are performed by pressing respective buttons near the screen and on keypad.

Getting started:

  • Before making any transactions, make sure that ATM is working.
  • Gently insert the card into the ATM with magnetic stripe down on the right. The card will be in ATM until the transaction is complete.
  • Select the preferred language and press the relevant button.
  • Enter your PIN-code and confirm it by pressing the relevant button near the screen. PIN-code can be requested either once for all transactions or several times before every transaction.

Note! After the incorrect PIN-code is entered for three times, the ATM will retain your card for security purposes.

Select transaction:

select necessary transaction from the list displayed on the screen of ATM: "ACCOUNT BALANCE", "CASH WITHDRAWAL", "MINI SLIP" or "PAYMENT".

Account balance:

  • When transaction "ACCOUNT BALANCE" is selected, the amount of your account balance will be displayed on the screen. Note! Your account balance can be checked only in ATMs of Credit Agricole.
  • ATM will print a slip with card account balance on it, and then the message "Other transaction?" will pop up and options "Yes" and "No" will appear.

Cash withdrawal:

  • If you need a bigger amount than those indicated on the screen, press the button "Other amount". Then enter necessary amount using a keypad and press the button "Correct".
  • If you entered the wrong amount by mistake, press the button "Not correct" and start over again.
  • If you need an amount bigger than maximum one-time withdrawable amount, repeat the operation until you have the necessary amount. Each ATM has limited amount for one-time withdrawal.
  • Having entered the amount, wait several seconds — your request is being processed. Once the requested bills are in cash dispenser, take them out without delay.

Attention! Bills not taken out during 20 seconds will be retained by ATM!

Mini slip:

  • If you want to check your account status, select transaction "MINI SLIP".
  • ATM will print a slip with your card account where the last 10 transactions will be indicated.

Repeat transaction:

If you want to repeat any transaction, press the button "Yes" next to "CONTINUE?" and select necessary transaction.


If you want to finish the work with ATM, press the button "No". ATM should give you the card back and a slip. The card should be taken out during 30 seconds.

Attention! ATMs will retain the forgotten cards!

What transactions are not included in the settlement amount for package offers?

Transactions carried out using a payment card with the MCC code - 6012 (financial institutions - trade and services), 4829 (money transfers), 6538 (MC MoneySend money transfers) are not counted into the amount of settlements for package offers.

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