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Credit card for your ambitious plans

Credit cards

You can postpone your dreams for an indefinite period or you can make them come true just now: to travel the world, buy what you like, give presents to close people and actively replenish your experience.

Product advantages :

Credit limit up to 250 000 UAH*

Up to 62 days grace period credit at 0.01% per annum

Minimal monthly payments of only 5% of the actually used amount of the credit limit

Account replenishment free of charge

Free connection to GSM-banking service – notification

* For salary card holders - up to 500 000 UAH.

Comparative table:
Chip Monthly maintenance fee The interest rate on the loan Commission for cash withdrawal Mastercard Rewards Program
Mastercard  World* for new clients free 36% 4%
for existing clients free of charge 34% 4%
for salary clients free of charge up to 34% 4%
Mastercard World DriveCard* Mastercard World DriveCard free of charge 30% 4%

*Free issue of a card.

** Real annual interest rate: from 34.52%

Services for Credit Cards of Credit Agricole :

Internet Banking «i-Bank» - remote access to your products and the ability to conduct transactions with the accounts via the Internet at any time from any computer or portable device

GSM-banking - get monitoring of the movement of funds to your card account 24/7  (information on transactions via card, a reminder about regular payment, card expiration date, etc.).

Fraud insurance - provide financial compensation for possible losses related with the use of a credit card, program "Fraud insurance" of PZU and Credit Agricole

Changing of limits - manage limits on cash withdrawals, cash payments or payments in the Internet using Internet banking or CREDIT AGRICOLE department.

Card to Card transfers - fast and safe transfer of funds to family and friends through the service instant transfers from card to card

You can receive a credit card, if:

Age between 25 and 60

Your are employee with a work experience from 6 months at the same place, for credit limits up to 20,000 UAH

Employee with experience of 1 year in last place of work, for credit limits of 20 000 USD

Documents for obtaining of cash loan:

Ukrainian passport

taxpayer identification number;

income statement for the last 6 months (for cash loan up to  50 000 UAH) simplified conditions for the provision of documents


How is the grace period for using funds calculated?

The grace period is a period of up to 62 days, during which the amount of all cash and non-cash payments by the card accrues interest at a symbolic rate of 0.01% per annum. The grace period for each month begins on the 2nd day of each month, subject to full repayment of the debt for the previous period.

How is debt repayment?

To do this, it’s enough to pay off the debt until the last day of the month following the one in which you used the loan funds.

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