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Welcome to “Ukrainian Weeks in the French Bank”

06 August 2019

Credit Agricole invites its customers to “Ukrainian Weeks in the French Bank”. Let’s celebrate the 28th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence together!     

From 12 to 30 August 2019, visit an outlet of the bank, buy one of the promo products and receive a guaranteed gift: a power bank, a throw-cushion, a sport bottle or an eco-bag. Moreover, open one of the promo deposits and get the possibility to increase your interest rate by up to 5 points. See details in the campaign’s terms and conditions.

“Almost over the whole period of independent Ukraine development, Credit Agricole supported economic development of the country. We aim to be a reliable financial partner for various customer segments by providing European quality banking. Credit Agricole appreciates choice and trust of its customers. We keep celebrating the Independence Day together with our clients! I am happy to invite you to “Ukrainian Weeks in the French Bank” and to get nice gifts”, Galyna Zhukova, Deputy CEO in charge of Retail and Network of Credit Agricole Bank, comments. 

The campaign will be held all over Ukraine save for temporarily occupied territory AR Crimea and Joint Forces Military Operation within the period from 12.08.2019 and till the gifts are available but not later than till 30.08.2019 inclusive.

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