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Win UPark tickets and make your summer brighter

02 July 2018

Collect points, exchange them for participation in the Campaign and win tickets for two days of “UPark Festivale 2018” from від Mastercard Bilshe!

To take part in the campaign:

∙ Sign up in Mastercard Bilshe and exchange 10 points for participation in the campaign

∙ Win one of 10 pairs of tickets for two days of “UPark Festivale 2018” that will take place in Kyiv from 25.07.2018 to 26.07.2018.

∙ Dance, enjoy and get carried away by the music of your summer.

The more times your exchange 10 points for participation, the bigger your chances to win are

See details on Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments

The campaign is on from 02.07.2018 to 16.07.2018

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