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Feeling the real taste of Lviv is priceless!

15 June 2016

Pay for the purchases in restaurants and stores of Kumpel’ Group for any amount using your premium MasterCard from Credit Agricole Bank and get a guaranteed gift certificate for UAH 100.

You can exchange your certificate for goods or services in the Kumpel’ Group chain, including stores and travel agency.

Below you can find the list of KUMPEL’ GROUP locations in Lviv:


  1. Baczewski Restaurant, 8 Shevska Street
  2. Holodnyi Mykola (Hungry Mykola), 352 Stryiska Street (at the town’s exit)
  3. Kumpel’ Restaurant and Brewery, 6 Vynnychenka Street
  4. Kumpel’ Beer restaurant, 2-b Chornovola Avenue
  5. Cafe1, 5 Katedral’na Square
  6. Strudel Haus, 6 Shevska Street


  1. Baczewski Store, 8 Shevska Street
  2. Pid Kumpelem (Under Kumpel’), 2-b Chornovola Avenue
  3. At 93 Chornovola Avenue (“Arsen” shopping centre)
  4. At 37 Patona Street («Sriblyastyi» shopping centre)
  5. U Mykoly (At Mykola’s), 352 Stryiska Street
  6. at 2 Soborna Square (opposite the Galytsky market)
  7. at 60 Chervonoyi Kalyny Avenue (“Arsen” shopping centre)


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