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Ukrainian weeks in the French bank!

15 August 2016









To mark the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence Credit Agricole Bank prepared some surprises for its clients.

From 22 August to 2 September 2016 all clients may get guaranteed and useful presents at all bank’s outlets. In order to become the owner of the present you just need to use one of the following products: “Svoboda” cash loan, deposit from UAH 50 000 for a period of 6 months and more, CASCO, credit or debit card.

The branded presents that are offered by Credit Agricole Bank include eco bags, mugs, T-shirts, plates and thermos bottles. The scratch card that you will chose in the outlet will help you to make a choice of your present, according to Terms&Conditions.

“Credit Agricole Bank is the first foreign bank that came to Ukraine in 1993. We consider ourselves to be almost of the same age as Ukraine. To mark the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence we are glad to offer our existing and future customers the practical gifts on top of our products and services. Today, after many years of operations on the Ukrainian market, we may proudly say that Credit Agricole Bank has proved to be a reliable and stable financial partner for Ukraine’s people and business” – said Galyna Zhukova, Credit Agricole Bank board member in charge of retail, network and digital.

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