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Ukrainian online services that make life convenient

18 August 2021 July 2021

Ukrainian online services conquer the domestic market and international experts with their functionality and design. They are used, billions are invested in them and expert media write about them. Together with Credit Agricole we have created a selection of services made in Ukraine that make our lives easier, make our holidays brighter and work more efficient. The list includes only those with a rating higher than 4 on the App Store and Google Play. Check, maybe it's time for you to install a new application?

For entertainment and everyday life 

Rent housing in Kyiv Bird

The Bird service was created in just three months by a team of two people: a designer and a developer. But this did not prevent him in a few years to gather a solid audience - 170 thousand users and receive two prestigious design awards Red Dot. Here are aggregated about 50 thousand ads from 24 real estate sites in Kyiv: OLX, Rieltor, dom.ria, country and more. The main feature of the Bird is that the apartments are displayed on a futuristic 3D-map of Kyiv. The developers have simplified the application as much as possible and left on the map only the main landmarks - the names of streets, houses, parks, subways. And here is a cool bird character

Rocket food delivery

Two years ago, it was a little-known project on the verge of closure, which was denied funding by dozens of investors. And now it works in 28 cities of Ukraine, competes with Glovo and Bolt Food and conquers European markets. In the application you can order delivery of dishes from a network of partners and products from supermarkets Novus, Varus and Fora. By geolocation you can find restaurants and cafes nearby, choose dishes, pay for orders by card or cash and track its status online.

Mobile banking CA+ from Credit Agricole

CA+ is only a year old, it is already among the best banking applications on the Ukrainian market according to user reviews. Everything can be done in a modern mobile bank! Pay utility bills without a fee, add e-wallets, transfer funds, open a deposit, apply for a credit card and, of course, enjoy the design. And here is an easy entrance by fingerprint or face recognition and an intuitive interface. For those who travel, you will definitely need to exchange currencies online: fast buying and selling of euros and dollars, sometimes even at a more favorable rate than at the bank.

A few more highlights that make the application user friendly: instant confirmation of transactions through automatic filling of one-time passwords from SMS and a quick view of account balance and transaction history. The application is entirely an internal development of the bank.

Credit Agricole’s Digital team 


There is nothing superfluous here, everything is easy and intuitive. More about all CA+ application options here

The application is chosen by young people: every eighth user aged 14 to 26 years. In general, CA+ already has more than 120 thousand users. If you are ready to move to a new level of comfort, download the CA+ mobile application on the App Store and Google Play:

Online order of cars Uklon

The first Ukrainian online car call service, which currently operates in 27 cities. Here you can order a car for travel and transportation of goods, instantly calculating the cost of the trip, get discounts and promo codes for regular users. To save as much as possible, you can share the trip with fellow travelers. And if you catch a downpour or need to call a car at rush hour, you can increase the rate and thus increase your chances of a quick call to the car. Of the obvious advantages - this is the most user-friendly application for drivers: they see here all the details of the trip, including the route. A satisfied driver = a comfortable trip ;)

Helsi online medical service

It is the largest medical information system in Ukraine, which is connected to the electronic health care system (eHealth). The application will help you find a doctor by specialization or location and make an appointment with him. Currently, more than 37,000 doctors from 1,300 clinics throughout Ukraine are registered here: public and private. The application also stores test results and it is possible to book drugs at discount pharmacies. And what is important - here you can sign up for vaccination against COVID-19. 

Blink: all events in your pocket

This service can be used for entertainment, training and even for work. Find in the application popular events of your city: festivals, concerts, workshops and lectures. For convenience, use filters, in particular by cost and date, location and subject, and do not forget to follow the course of events and changes in the event. And here you can find out what your friends are interested in to share their impressions of the event. If your profession is related to organizing events, this application is a good opportunity to tell the audience about the event, organize registration, sell tickets and keep in touch with visitors.

Megogo media service

During quarantine, many of us appreciated the benefits of home theater - here you choose a movie to watch, invite friends and share impressions without fear of public condemnation J Megogo just for such cases. There is content for the whole family: popular TV channels, movies, TV series, shows, cartoons, as well as audiobooks and podcasts. Latest movies from cinemas and recognized blockbusters. Choose the best option will help a personal system of recommendations, which analyzes the preferences of the user, as well as ratings. The maximum quality is available by subscription, and you can view the content where it is convenient: on TV, tablet, smartphone.

Maps and navigation of public transport in EasyWay

This service helps to effectively plan a trip around the city and save your time, because the service allows you to monitor the movement of buses, trolleybuses, trams and city trains online. Here is information about all routes and stops in 56 cities of Ukraine, as well as cities of Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Russia and Kazakhstan. You can also pave the optimal route for public transport, taking into account financial and time costs.

For training

Prometheus educational platform

The concept of Lifelong learning is becoming increasingly popular among today's successful people. Prometheus helps to bring it to life. The developers have an honorable mission - to make courses available from teachers from the best universities and organizations. Here you can choose the course you are interested in, listen to it, take a test and even get a certificate that you can add to your resume. More than 200 courses at Prometheus are free.

Topics are diverse: business, IT, English, critical thinking, psychology, history, personal development, project management and more. What is extremely convenient - you choose a convenient time and pace of study. This is a great opportunity to combine learning with work and develop throughout life.

Preply language learning platform

Here you can choose a tutor from anywhere in the world, as well as place your teacher's portfolio. Thousands of native speakers are already registered on the platform, who are ready to teach adults and children. Among the most popular courses: business English, language practice, life abroad, preparation for the test. For a quick search, the developers have added convenient filters: subject, country, cost, rating, class schedule. It is also possible to talk to a tutor before class. You can attend the lesson anywhere via a video call in the app or on the Preply website

Today you can find a tutor on any subject, even playing musical instruments. But the main emphasis remains on foreign languages.

For effective work 

Search of data in the registers of Ukraine Opendatabot

Helps to quickly find information about people or companies from official sources. The program consolidates data from more than 20 state registers. This is especially true for investigative journalism, in the initial inspection of business partners, employment or rental / purchase of real estate.

Grammarly English communication service

A world-famous service used by more than 20 million people. And he is Ukrainian! With Grammarly's personal assistant, you can check English for grammar, punctuation, and spelling for free. And if you upgrade the application and connect Premium, you get additional useful functionality: plagiarism analysis, the level of formality of the text, the selection of accurate synonyms and more. This will help you write worksheets clearly, confidently and without errors. Yes, and will be needed for publications on social networks;)

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