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Payment card validity has been extended

25 March 2020

Dear customers,

Please be informed that Credit Agricole has extended the validity of payment cards, which expire in March and April 2020.

That way, for payment cards which were set to expire

  • on 31.03.2020 and on 30.04.2020, the validity period has been extended until 31.07.2020

Please pay attention to some peculiarities of using the cards with extended expiration date!

Transactions that can be performed with the extended card:

  • Cash withdrawal from Credit Agricole ATMs
  • Cash withdrawal at the cash-desk in bank outlets
  • Card payments in online banking system i-Bank
  • Pay with Google Pay and Apple pay e-wallets if the card was added to e-wallet before the expire term that indicates on the cardLimited functionality of extended cards:
  • Purchases in offline/online shops will only be available provided that the acquiring bank of the offline/online shop, where the payment is made, does not check the validity of card at its level.
  • For the payment by the prolonged card in online shops it is necessary to indicate validity term that is indicated on  the card

Unavailable functionality of extended cards:

  • Payments in mobile application CA Mobile Ukraine

We are concerned with your safety, so we do our best to allow you to use banking services remotely.

Stay home, and stay healthy!

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