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Lets celebrate the birthdays of the branches together!

06 March 2020

Let’s celebrate branch birthdays together!

Join a Credit Agricole branch birthday party and get some pleasant surprises.

  • From 16 to 20 March 2020, get one of the promotional products
  • Scratch off the cover of the gift card
  • Get a gift from Credit Agricole: a cooling bag, a thermal mug, a sound column, or an eco bag.

Don't miss out! Fragrant coffee, tea and treats will be waiting for you on one day of the festive week.

Promotional Products:

  • Сash loan "Svoboda", credit card;
  • Package offers: Smart, Premium, Sommelier, Infinite;
  • bank deposits: "Term", "Accumulative", "Monthly income", "Child".
  • insurance contract (policy) under the programs: "Comprehensive property insurance", "Cumulative life insurance", CASCO (contracts where cars are pledged to JSC "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK" are not considered);

Official rules (in ukrainian language)

The following products take part in the Promotion: cash loan "Svoboda" (loan amount not less than five thousand UAH) / credit card (in case of issuance of a card during the promotion, credit limit setting not later than on 03.04.2020 inclusive) / package offers "Smart", "Premium", "Sommelier", "Infinite" (in case of contract conclusion during the period of Promotion and implementation of at least one transaction in the amount from 100 UAH by 03/04/2020) / insurance contract (policy) under the program " Cumulative Life Insurance "/ insurance contract (policy) under the CASCO program (the contracts where cars are pledged by JSC "Credit Agricole Bank" do not take part in the Promotion/ deposit "Term" / deposit "Accumulative" / deposit "Monthly income" / deposit "Child” / deposit "Perspective" (placed during the Promotion period) for a period of not less than 1 (one) month and in the amount of 50 (fifty) thousand UAH (deposits that are automatically extended during the Promotion period do not take part in the Promotion). The Promotion is carried out at the Bank's branches throughout Ukraine, except for the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the zones of the military operation of the United forces for national security and defense, repulsion and deterrence of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (hereinafter - Territory of Promotion) within the period from 16.03.2020 and until the gifts are available, but no longer than till 20.03.2020 inclusive. You can find the official Rules of the promotion in the branches and on the Bank's website. NBU license №99 dated 12.10.2011

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