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About work schedule of outlets for the period of quarantine

18 March 2020


In support of actions to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread, the Bank's outlets have been modified.

We inform about changes:

  • A sanitary hour is introduced in all outlets for the period from 13:00 to 14:00 daily. During this period, the outlet closes for customers, and measures are taken to disinfect it.
  • Post-operative outlet’s work will be canceled: all outlets will work with clients from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.
  • Outlets do not work on weekends.

The following Bank outlets are temporarily closed for the quarantine period (from 19.03.2020):

  • Outlet 1 in Vinnytsia, m. Vinnitsa, 36, 600 - richchya str.s
  • Outlet "Western Macro-Region", m. Lviv, 23, Pekarsʹka str. (retail customer service is down; corporate clients are served)
  • Outlet 1 in Ivano-Frankivsk, m. Ivano-Frankivsk, 42 A, Sichovykh Strilʹtsiv str.
  • Outlet 2 in Nikopol, m. Nikopol, 23, Trubnykiv ave
  • Outlet 1 in Zaporizhya, m. Zaporizhzhya, 51, Chaykinoyi Lizy str.
  • Outlet 1 in Dnipro, m. Dnipro, 4, Slobogansky ave.
  • Outlet 3 in Odesa, m. Odesa, 66, Preobrazhensʹka str.
  • Outlet 3 in Kyiv, m. Kyiv, 2/3, Myru ave
  • Outlet 2 in Kyiv, m. Kyiv, 109A, Kirilivska str.
  • Outlet 12 in Kyiv, m. Kyiv, 75, Yuriia Illienka str.
  • Outlet 15 in Kyiv, m. Kyiv, 22, Akademika Palladina ave
  • Outlet 24 in Kyiv m. Kyiv, 4, Akademika Vernadsʹkoho str.
  • Outlet 17 in Kyiv m. Kyiv, 31, Drahomanova str.
  • Outlet 6 in Kyiv, m. Kyiv, 51/87, Saksahanskoho str.
  • Outlet 22 in Kyiv, m. Kyiv, 26, Mykoly Bazhana ave
  • Outlet 7 in Kyiv, m. Kyiv, 50, Vyshhorodsʹka str.
  • Outlet №5 in Kyiv, m. Kyiv, 6/7A, Havela Vatslava boul.
  • Outlet in Khmilnyk, m. Khmelnik, 24, 1-ho Travnya str.

Thank you for understanding!

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