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Dear customers - legal entities

20 March 2020

In support of actions to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread, the work schedule of Bank's outlets has been modified.

Please be informed about the following changes:

  • A sanitary hour is introduced in all outlets for the period from 13:00 to 14:00 daily. During this period, the outlets will be closed for customers, and disinfection measures will be taken.
  • Post-operative outlet’s work will be canceled: all outlets will work with clicustomers from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.
  • Outlets do not work on weekends.

Some outlets are temporarily closed for quarantine, and their customers will be transferred to other outlets:

Main service outlet to be closedClosing dateService outlet for the period the main outlet is closed
42A Sichovykh striltsiv St., Ivano-Frankivsk, outlet No. 119.03.202011 Pryvokzalna St., Ivano-Frankivsk
23 Trubnykiv st., Nikopol, outlet No. 219.03.2020243 Shevchenka St., Nikopol
51 Lizy Chaikinoi St., Zaporizhzhia, outlet No. 118.03.202092 Sobornyi prospekt, Zaporizhzhia
(061)228-58-93, (061)228-58-97
4 Slobozhanskyi provulok, Dnipro, outlet No. 118.03.20202 Pivdenna St., Dnipro
66 Preobrazhenska St., Odesa, outlet No. 318.03.202026 Yevreiska St., Odesa
109a Kyrylivska St., Kyiv, outlet No. 219.03.202025 Sahaidachnoho St., Kyiv
2/3 Myra prospekt, Kyiv, outlet No. 319.03.20204A Raisy Okipnoi St., Kyiv
(044)390-33-67, (044)390-33-78, (044)390-33-86
75 Melnykova St., Kyiv, outlet No. 1219.03.202041 Honchara St., Kyiv
(044)494-40-23; (044)238-64-72; (044) 495-22-73
22 Palladina prospekt, Kyiv, outlet No. 1519.03.202075/2 Peremohy prospekt, Kyiv
(044)494-37-97, (044)494-37-88
4 Vernadskoho prospekt, Kyiv outlet No. 2419.03.202075/2 Peremohy prospekt, Kyiv
(044)494-37-97, (044)494-37-88
31 Drahomanova St., Kyiv, outlet No. 1719.03.202016/2 P. Tychyny St., Kyiv
51/87 Saksahanskoho St., Kyiv, outlet No. 619.03.202041 Honchara St., Kyiv
(044)494-40-23; (044)238-64-72; (044) 495-22-73
50 Vyshhorodska st., Kyiv, outlet No. 719.03.202021 Marshala Tymoshenka st., Kyiv
26 Bazhana prospekt, Kyiv, outlet No. 2219.03.202016/2 P. Tychyny St., Kyiv
6/7a V. Havela Blvd., Kyiv, outlet No. 519.03.202041 Honchara St., Kyiv
(044)494-40-23; (044)238-64-72; (044) 495-22-73
36 600-richchia mista St., Vinnytsia, outlet No. 119.03.202010 Teatralna St., Vinnytsia
(0432) 60-52-72
24 1-ho Travnia St., Khmilnyk02.04.202033 Shevchenka St, Kalynivka
(0433) 32-16-82, (0433) 32-28-13

Thank you for understanding!

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