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Working time of PJSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK outlets in the period of 03.06.2017 – 05.06.2017

29 May 2017

Dear customers!
We would like to inform you about the working time of PJSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK outlets for the period of 03.06.2017 – 05.06.2017

03.06.2017 – working days will be 1 hour shorter for the outlets operating on Saturdays:

Name of outlet
Central outlet
Kyiv, 42/2 Pushkinska str.
“Vinnytsia Interregional Direction” Outlet
Vinnytsia, 10 Teatralna str.
Second outlet
Vinnytsia, 30 Kotsiubynskoho ave.
Third outlet
Vinnytsia, 9 Pyrohova str.
Central outlet in Zhytomyr
Zhytomyr , 4 L. Kachynskogo str.

04.06.2017 05.06.2017– non-working days;

06.06.2017 – the outlets will work on a regular basis;

Contact center Credit Agricole
0 800 30 5555 Free