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Program Mastercard More

11 October 2016

Pay for any buys with Mastercard from Credit Agricole and get discounts for the things of your dreams.

Log in the program Mastercard More within the period from 10 October through 10 November 2016 and get UAH 30 to your mobile account. 
The program covers all Mastercard cards.

To get a top-up:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Log in
  3. Add your card to the system
  4. Get bonus points for the first registered card and exchange them for the top-up

If you wish to get more gifts within the program, pay with your card more frequently. The points are accrued for each transaction of UAH 50 and more.
 The points can be exchanged for discounts, mobile top-up or other offers of your choice.

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