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Premium clients of Credit Agricole Bank received an additional instrument in the securities market

22 July 2019

Premium clients of Credit Agricole Bank received an additional instrument in the securities market.

Credit Agricole Bank has expanded the range of investment instruments and offers its premium clients operations with government securities: purchase/sale of domestic government bonds (DGB). The issuer of domestic government bonds is the state itself represented by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. 

The key advantages of DGB over other investment products are as follows:

  • Reliability – the state guarantees 100% redemption to the bond holders;
  • Taxation  DGB income is NOT subject to personal income tax (except for military levy of 1.5%);
  • Flexibility  investors have an opportunity to sell their securities on the secondary market at any time;
  • Diversity bonds in local and foreign currency with offering period from several weeks to several years are available for investment.

To become a DGB holder you need to:

  • open a securities  account in Credit Agricole Bank outlet;
  • conclude a brokerage agreement with Credit Agricole;
  • select the desired DGB issue and make a purchase.

The key advantage of Credit Agricole in this market consists in significant experience in working with DGB, high reliability and availability of broker and depositary institution licenses. It allows carrying out purchase/ sale transactions and further custody of DGB within the bank, without applying to third-party institutions.

Tariffs in section №7

Please contact your premium manager or call 0 800 30 30 77 (dedicated line for Premium clients) for advice and detailed information about the list of necessary documents.

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