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18 May 2020

From 18 May to 18 June 2020, a Promo offer is available for Mastercard holders.

Terms and conditions of the Promo Campaign:

Pay online with Mastercard credit card by Credit Agricole in Internet shops for amount of UAH 350 and more (one ticket) and get a chance to win electronic certificates of the Internet shop Rozetka.

Gift fund of the Campaign:

  • 60 certificates of UAH 1,000 each (15 certificates will be drawn after each stage of the Campaign);
  • 3 (three) major certificates of UAH 10,000 will be drawn by results of all stages of the Campaign.

Stages of the Campaign:

  1. from 18.05.2020 to 25.05.2020 inclusive;
  2. from 26.05.2020 to 02.06.2020 inclusive;
  3. from 03.06.2020 to 10.06.2020 inclusive;
  4. from 11.06.2020 tо 18.06.2020 inclusive.

Participants of the Campaign that will gain the right to get Certificates according to the Rules of the Campaign will be defined by random computer choice:

  • not later than on 8 June 2020 – for the first stage of the Campaign;
  • not later than on 16 June 2020 – for the second stage of the Campaign;
  • not later than on 24 June 2020 – for the third stage of the Campaign;
  • not later than on 02 July 2020 – for the fourth stage of the Campaign.

Official Rules of the Campaign

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