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Special offers for holders of MC Platinum cards from Сredit Аgricole within the framework of Mastercard Bilshe Black loyalty program

22 August 2018

From now on registered users of Mastercard Bilshe can accumulate points of different levels depending on the type of card: bonus points for settlements with Platinum card, and regular points for settlements with Standard, Gold or World card.

Each transaction involving a premium card will bring its holder bonus points (1 transaction – 1 point). The points can be exchanged for special offers from the program partners that are available in the updated catalogue. Standard offers by Mastercard Bilshe can be purchased using both regular and bonus points. Regular points are debited first, and, if they are insufficient, the remaining amount is debited from bonus points.

To register with Mastercard Bilshe Black loyalty program you need to add your MC Platinum card in your account at Mastercard Bilshe platform. Once the card is registered, the interface of the page will be updated to display a new field in which bonus points and the list of current offers will be shown.

Mastercard Bilshe Black is an opportunity to discover new premium privileges and always get more. So join along!

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