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Credit Agricole offers to customers the identification data updating via the СА+ mobile application

03 June 2022

Credit Agricole has simplified the process of identification data updating for low risk customers and now offers the option of doing it remotely via the CA+ mobile application. It is a mandatory procedure taking place once every 1, 3 or 5 years, depending on the customer profile. From now on, low risk customers can carry it out without visiting the bank outlet, thus allowing for maximum safety and convenience, especially in the wartime.

How does it work? The customer is notified of the need to update the data in the “Account” section of the CA+ mobile app, 90 days before the date of repeat identification. For customers that have to update their information every 5 years, the field “Verify identification data” is available, which means the start of the remote process. It is necessary to verify and confirm questionnaire information:

  • Passport information
  • Identification data: number in the unified state register (for private entrepreneurs and business); citizenship, family status
  • Actual residence address
  • Answers to the questions
    • Type of professional activity
    • Financial status (income)
  • Provided all the data are entered successfully, the customer just needs to confirm the entered information with the help of the one-time use password that will be sent by the bank to the mobile phone. The saved data will then undergo verification.

    You can follow the status of questionnaire processing online in the CA+ mobile app on the respective banner in the “Account” section. Verification result can be the following:

    1. Green banner means the questionnaire is accepted, the customer’s identification data are updated.
    2. Red banner means the questionnaire is not accepted.
  • In cases when the questionnaire is not accepted, it means that the bank requires additional clarifications; the customer will need to go to the nearest Credit Agricole outlet for information update.

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