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To the attention of the Credit Agricole cardholders

03 November 2017

Please be informed that from December 1, 2017, the following changes in tariffs for card products will take place:

  • the fee for cash withdrawal in ATMs and cash-desks of the Bank and the partners network for the "Base card" is increased, the fee will be set as 1% + 5 UAH (for cards in foreign currency - 1% + 0.3 USD / 0.3 EUR)
  • a separate tariff for the transfer of funds in foreign currency from the card account to customer’s own current account for further withdrawal without a commission will be cancelled
  • the fee for the urgent issue of the card will be increased (will be UAH 250).
  • the fee for the provision of additional card account statement upon request of the client will be increased (will amount to 50 UAH).
  • the annual fee for servicing an inactive account will be increased (will amount to 120 UAH)
  • a new tariff for cards is introduced for the VIP-packages: "Commission for consideration of the application with the proposal to amend the standard forms (templates) of the Bank's contracts on request and by the initiative of the Client"
  • the commission for revision of the balance for salary cards issued within the "Budget" packages will be increased.

The corresponding editions of tariffs are placed in the section "Tariffs and conditions" for the card products on the official site of the Bank.

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