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More discounts on Black Friday with Visa from Credit Agricole

21 November 2016


Black Friday is a huge sale, a mega event of the year for anyone who loves cost-efficient shopping.

On Black Friday’s days, modnaKasta offers spectacular discounts for the whole range of products of the site: clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, food, household goods etc.

And if you use a Visa card from Credit Agricole, you will get even more discounts!

This offer will be valid from November 21 till November 25.
Everyone who makes a purchase at modnaKasta on Black Friday and pays for it with the Visa card from Credit Agricole will get an extra 5% discount

Every fifth order paid with a Visa card shall be eligible to an additional 20% discount.

Questions and answers

Q: What are the benefits I get when paying with a Visa card?
A: If you pay for purchase during Black Friday with your Visa card, you shall get a 5% discount from the price at If your payment turns to be the 5th made with Visa, you will get a 20% discount

Q: How do I get a 20% discount?
A: You should shop during the Black Friday sales campaign at and pay for the purchases with your Visa card. Every fifth payment made with a Visa card at modnaKasta will be eligible for an additional 20% discount. Sequence number of each payment is determined automatically by the modnaKasta system.  The more you buy – the more chances to get a 20% discount you have.

Q: Details of discounting. 
A: An additional 20% discount is made for every 5th purchase paid with a Visa card (to every fifth customer). An additional 5% discount is made for the rest of purchases paid with Visa cards (except every 5th purchase).
Once you enter your Visa card number, the cost of your order shall be automatically reduced by 5%. If your payment turns to be the 5th made with a Visa card – then your card will be debited for an amount that is 20% less than the price indicated on the web-site.
After such payment, you will receive an additional email notification.

Q: Is the discount applied to original (stricken-through) price or sale price indicated on the site?
A: The discount is applied to sale price indicated on the website.

Q: Which products does the discount apply to?
A: The discount shall apply to all products presented at during the Black Friday sales period.

Q: Are there any limitations as to the amount of orders subject to the discount?
A: There are no such limitations.

Q: What is the effective period of the special offer?
A: This special offer is valid during the Black Friday’s sale at In order to get a notification on the start of the sales, you should sign up to the website

For details and conditions please visit,,



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