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Promo campaign «Weekend in Paris with Credit Agricole»

07 October 2019

Dreamed of visiting Paris? Make your dream come true with Credit Agricole!

 If you are already a customer of Credit Agricole, get the opportunity to win one of the 2 trips to Paris:

  • Tell your friends about promo products* of Credit Agricole and send them a special promo code which we have sent you in Viber / sms before 07 October 2019.
  • In case that your friend buys a promo product and subject to registration of participation on the official website of the Bank you will automatically enter in the prize draw.

Tell your friend to enter your promotional code when registering for the Promo campaign.

 More friends – more chances to win!

If you didn’t receive your personal promotional code to share with friends, contact us by calling 0 800 300 5555.

 If you are not a Credit Agricole customer yet, get the opportunity to Win one of the 3 trips to Paris:

  • Get one of the Promo products*.
  • Register your participation on the bank’s website

 More products – more chances to win! 

*Eligible products:

 Duration of the campaign: 07.10.2019 – 22.11.2019

Official rules

NBU License No 99 dd. 12.10.2011. Products eligible for participation in the Promo campaign: Svoboda cash loan/ credit card (provided that card is issued during the period of the Promo, credit limit is set no later than 22.11.2019 inclusive, and at least one transaction for UAH 100 and more is effected before 30.11.2019) / package offers: «Smart», «Premium», «Sommelier», «Infinite» (provided that agreement is concluded during the period of the Promo and at least one transaction for UAH 100 and more is effected before 30.11.2019) / one of the bank deposits in hryvnia for individuals placed during the period of the Promo: «Term», «Accumulative», «Monthly income», «Child», «Prospect». The Promo is on at the branches of JSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK all over Ukraine, except for JFO and temporarily occupied territories, from 07.10.2019 till 22.11.2019 inclusive.

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