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Promo from PZU. Win a Trip to Europe!

26 June 2019

Starting from 07.07.2019, buy a PZU travel insurance policy in Credit Agricole and take part in the gift drawing.

All you need is to get an insurance policy of “Travelling Abroad” program within the campaign period and give your consent for participation in the drawing.

Take part in drawing of UAH 2,000 and UAH 3,000 discount certificates from a travel operator ТRIDENT as well as one trip to Europe for two!

Drawing of certificates for UAH 2,000 and UAH 3,000 will be held thrice by the PZU Company within the period till 20.08.2019, 20.09.2019 and 22.10.2019 through an independent service for deciding a winner RANDOM.ORG.

Drawing of a trip to Europe for two will be held by 25.10.2019 through the RANDOM.ORG service.

All participants who don’t get a gift discount in the first drawing will automatically take part in the next drawings.


From 07.07.2019 to 07.10.2019 only, “Travelling Abroad” insurance policies by PZU will contain a special mark “Consent of the insured person for participation in the campaign”. It is active by default and can be deactivated at your discretion.  

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