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PROMO! Pay with your credit card and get an assured top-up of the mobile account.

17 November 2021

Pay with Mastercard “Napoleon” or “Drive Card” credit card by Credit Agricole and get an assured top-up of the mobile account:

  • First 180 participants of the Promo Campaign who will perform at least 3 payments by the credit card for the total amount of UAH 500 and more will get an assured UAH 200 top-up of their mobile accounts.   

The campaign is held from 17 November 2021 to 30 December 2021. 

Customers holding inactive* Mastercard credit cards “Napoleon” and “Drive Card”  by Credit Agricole since 1.06.2021 to 01.10.2021 take part in the campaign.

*Inactive Masterсard® credit card is a card that was not used in any transactions within the period from 1 June 2021 to 1 November 2021. 

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