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Credit Agricole offers 10 services to its customers via remote communication channels

24 May 2022

Credit Agricole is offering customers a wide range of remote communication channels where they can get a consultation and 10 of the most essential services for the daily banking. Choose a way of communication most convenient for you:

  • Contact center receives calls 24/7 at 0 800 30 55 55 (all incoming within Ukraine are free). Simple customers requests are processed by the intelligent IVR – the robot Alex. In case of a more complicated request, after the customer authorization the robot Alex forwards the call to the responsible employee of Credit Agricole contact center. To save money on calls from abroad, please use the web-call service on the bank website
  • Chat in СА+ mobile app in the section “More”
  • Chats in messengers linked on the bank website:
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Chat in direct messages on the bank’s pages on Facebook and Instagram

List of services in the remote communication channels

  Communication channel

CA+ mobile app
Alex intelligent IVR

Contact center 

Chat in Viber and Telegram messengers
Check the card balance

Change the limit

Unblock the card/mobile app

Find out why the transaction is declined

View the card details

Get a PIN-code to the card

Transfer money

View/change the code word

View/change the phone number

View the amount until full repayment

Contact center Credit Agricole
0 800 30 5555 Free