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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refuse a loan?

Before signing the loan agreement, you are at any time can opt out of receiving credit.

After signing the loan agreement, you can refuse credit within 14 days of receipt of the signed copy of the credit agreement (in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection).

The right to such refusal does not apply if the already concluded agreements on:

  1. consumer loans secured by mortgage;
  2. consumer loans for housing;
  3. consumer loans granted for the purchase of services, execution of which occurred before the expiration of the withdrawal agreement.
What information should be provided when repaying a loan?

1. When repaying in outlet of JSC "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK":

• Number of the Loan Agrement;

• Full name of the borrower;

2. When repaying a loan in outlet of other bank:

• Number of transit account for loan repayment (indicated in the loan agreement, starts with 2909);

• Number of the Loan Agreement;

• MFO of PJSC "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK" (is available on a relevant page);

•TIN and full name of the borrower

Can a loan be repaid prematurely?

Yes, you can repay a loan partially or in full prematurely. Commission on early loan repayment is not charged.

In case of partial early repayment, the tenor will be automatically reduced. Please note that partial early repayment does not exempt the borrower from payment of the next monthly payment.

You can also repay a loan in full prematurely.

Is commission on early loan repayment charged?

Commission on early loan repayment (full or partial) is not charged.

What to do in case of the borrower's death?
  • Once a respective document is received, the bank stops to make loan accruals from the borrower’s date of death.
  • According to Article 1282 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, heirs shall be obliged to satisfy the creditor’s claims in full, but within the value of the inherited property. The heirs shall be obliged to satisfy the creditor’s claims by one-time payment, unless otherwise is agreed between the heirs and the creditor. In case of refusal from one-time payment, the court, against the creditor’s claim, shall foreclose the property transferred to the heirs in kind.
  • If it is impossible to repay the debt under the loan agreement by one-time payment, the Bank may consider issuing a loan to the heir to repay the loan under the loan agreement of the deceased.
  • If at the time of loan issuing the borrower concluded the life insurance agreement, then the loan balance can be repaid by insurance company.
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