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Financial leasing of agricultural machinery produced by LEMKEN under the partnership program with LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG and Credit Agricole Leasing

All technic can be purchased from official dealers of the company LEMKEN

Financing terms:

  • Financing currency - hryvnia
  • Rate from – 1,35%
  • Rate type % – fixed
  • Down payment – from 15%
  • Leasing term – from 1 to 5 years
  • One-time fee – 1,5%
  • Repayment schedule: classic, personalized
  • Property insurance: carried out by the lessor
  • These financing conditions apply to new equipment

* The conditions given in this proposal are indicative. The Bank reserves the right to set individual financing conditions for each Client or to refuse to provide financing. This offer is not consumer lending.


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