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CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK provides the possibility to purchase products of LLC Syngenta with payment deferral on beneficial terms.


  • For the Customer:
  • Special discount policy
  • Avoidance of expensive commodity loans
  • Cheaper than the bank loan
  • Possibility to replace valid working capital credit limit with bill avalization limit
  • Repayment is made in bulk amount at maturity of the bill
  • Development of positive credit history – possibility to improve access to bank finance in future
  • Possibility to release funds for long-term investment finance
  • Bill avalization only means CAB guarantee to pay under the bill if the customer fails to do it in time


  • Two instruments are proposed as payment for products of LLC Syngenta
  • Avalized bill – for customers having contracts with LLC Syngenta’s distributors
  • Bank guarantee – for customers having direct contracts with LLC Syngenta

Period of validity:

  • Avalized bill shall have the maturity date before 15 October of the current year
  • Bank guarantee depends on the terms of the contract between your company and LLC Syngenta

Fee of the bank for bill avalization and issue of guarantee:

  • 1% of the amount of the bill for each 90 days if secured by property (other than cash funds placed in deposit account)
  • Fee for bill avalization limit setting / bank guarantee provision makes 1% of limit amount for each year of limit usage (payable as a front-end fee on the day of General Agreement signing)


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