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Timac Agro Ukraine LLC is engaged in research and development of innovative solutions in the field of crop nutrition. TIMAC AGRO is a manufacturer of granular, nitrogen-sulfur, water-soluble fertilizers and biostimulants based on algae, as well as fertilizers for organic production.

CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK provides the possibility to purchase TIMAC AGRO UKRAINE fertilizers on favourable terms in the frame of partnership program. 

Products can be purchased from company's distributors in Ukraine.


Object of the financing
Mineral fertilizers
Currency of the financingUAH
Type of financingA revolving credit line, the financing is disbursed in tranches.
Maturity and repayment conditions
Tranches up to 12 months.

with collateral
without collateral
from the 1st  to the 6th month - 0.01% p.a.,
from the 7th to the 12th month - 15.40% p.a.
from the 1st  to the 6th month - 0.01% p.a.,
from the 7th to the 12th month - 19.50% p.a.

The tranches are repaid in the same amount at the end of their maturity.
One-time fee for the financing disbursement
Is not applicable.
Collateral type
Movable and immovable property or without collateral.

Requirements for the borrowers:

  • Legal entities with business experience over two years, but in case of at least two agricultural cycles closing;
  • Types of activity: the production of farm products, mainly crops production;
  • Stable financial condition and solvency;
  • The borrower is not a purely or partly state-owned company.

* Terms and conditions of this offer are indicative. The Bank reserves the right to set individual terms for each Customer or to decline a loan application

Is not a consumer loan


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