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Product Manager CA+ & CA+ Pro

Job Responsibilities:

  • Development of Marketing strategy of CA+ Pro evolution after the launch;
  • In charge of relations with business teams (network of branches, contact centre);
  • Acculturation of Sales position in the CA+ & CA+ Pro usage;
  • Participation to all Agile Development (Standup, planning, demo, retroplanning);
  • Responsible for the maintenance of KPI (on group level and local level);
  • Product animation by data piloting (dashboards, committees);
  • Work closely with marketing for product animation;
  • Assist the Product Owner in development planning.

Key Requirements:

  • Good knowledge of MS Excel;
  • English proficient;
  • Will to learn about agile;
  • Interested by business;
  • Interested by mobile technologies;
  • Interested by data;
  • Communicative;
  • Adaptive to people and environments.

We offer:

  • Employment in one of the leading Ukrainian banks which is a part of one of the biggest financial groups of Europe;
  • Market-based salary and annual bonus;
  • Benefits package and medical insurance for loyal employees;
  • Comfortable business center in the heart of Kyiv;
  • Work with young disruptive teammates, not classical for the bank.
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