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Cash loan

Up to UAH 500 000

Cash Loan


Up to UAH 500 000 for any needs

Up to UAH 100 000 - simplified conditions for documents submitting

No collateral or surety

By cash or to the payment card

Fixed interest rate for the whole lending period

No early repayment fee

Lending conditions for customers of CREDIT AGRICOLE *:

Loan amount – from UAH 1,000 to UAH 1,000,000.

Loan tenor – from 3 months to 6 years.

Interest rate**:

  • 11% p.a. – for loans from UAH 1,000 to 100,000 and from UAH 300,001 to 500,000
  • 10% p.a. – for loans from UAH 100 001 to 300 000
  • 30% p.a. – for loans from UAH 500 001 to 1 000 000

Monthly fee:

  • 2.50% - for loans from UAH 1,000 to 200,000
  • 1,50% - for loans from UAH 200 001 to 300 000
  • 1,10% - for loans from UAH 300 001 to 500 000
  • For loans from UAH 500,001 to 1,000,000 – no monthly fee.

Lending conditions for other customers:

Loan amount – from UAH 1,000 to UAH 500,000.

Loan tenor – from 3 months to 6 years.

Interest rate **:

  • 15% p.a. – for loans from UAH 1,000 to 100,000 and from UAH 300,001 to 500,000
  • 12% p.a. – for loans from UAH 100 001 to 300 000.

Monthly fee:

  • 2.85% - for loans from UAH 1,000 to 50,000
  • 2.35% - for loans from UAH 50,001 to 100,000
  • 2.50% - for loans from UAH 100,001 to 200,000
  • 1,80% - for loans from UAH 200 001 to 300 000
  • 1,15% - for loans from UAH 300 001 to 500 000

You can obtain a loan if:

You have a regular income source

Length of service with the main job place – at least 4 months

You are from 23 to 70 years old

Required documents:

Passport of the citizen of Ukraine and Tax number.

Income statement for the last 6 months (for the borrowers requesting a loan in the amount up to UAH 100,000, simplified conditions for documents submitting are in place).

Аn extract from the: register of single tax payers, tax declarations for the last 2 years (if annual) or for the last 4 quarters (if quarter).

* A certain category of customers who have already used “Cash Loan Svoboda” (CASH LOAN) for at least 6 months and customers who receive salary to their current or card account with JSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, according to the internal rules of client risk assessment. The Bank reserves the right to set different lending terms and conditions for the above category of customers unilaterally.

**Real annual interest rate equals 39.69% (calculated for a loan of UAH 500,000 and loan tenor of 6 years). Actual value of the loan interest rate will depend on the individual lending conditions (loan amount, tenor, interest rate, monthly fee, etc.) but not more than 99.74% per annum. 

  • automatically from current or card account opened in Credit Agricole, connecting debit
  • with the help of internet bank «i-Bank» (24 hours, 7 days a week)
  • monthly in cash offices of Credit Agricole
  • transfer of funds to repay the loan from another bank - thus, opportunities for timely repayment of debt for the payment of the loan through another bank, it is recommended to pay at least 5 working days to repay the loan number.

More information

  1. Credit Agricole Bank does not cooperate with any agents while issuing cash loans. Loan agreements are concluded only in the Bank entity directly. Before loan disbursement, no depositing of own funds is required (advance payments, insurance payments, etc.).
  2. If a current (not card) account is opened for crediting loan funds, the cost of account opening is UAH 80. 
  3. Within 14 days upon loan agreement conclusion, the borrower is entitled to cancel the loan agreement without explaining the reasons even if monetary funds were disbursed. The borrower should notify the bank in writing of his/her intention to cancel the loan agreement and return monetary funds received under the loan agreement to the bank, and pay interest for the period from the day of funds disbursement to the day of their return at the rate specified in the loan agreement within 7 calendar days upon submission of the written notice.
  4. Over the period of validity of the loan agreement, early cancellation of the loan agreement initiated by the borrower is possible only through full repayment of the loan and all the payments stipulated by the agreement. To perform the last payment or full early repayment, the borrower needs to visit a branch of the bank.  
  5. If the borrower fails to perform their obligations under the loan agreement, the bank shall be entitled to require from the borrower early return of payments under the loan (full early loan repayment) and reimbursement of losses caused by the breach of obligations in cases defined by the agreement.  
  6. For delay in paying loan installments, interest, and commission, a penalty in the amount of a double NBU key rate (but not more than 15% of the overdue amount) is charged on the overdue payment amount.
  7. In case of the borrower’s failure to perform the obligations under the loan agreement, such as:
    • Non-provision of the full set of documents and/or conclusion of the agreements required for loan granting; 
    • Noncompliance with the provisions of the loan agreement concluded with the bank;
    • Obtaining loans from other financial institutions, giving surety, pledging/mortgaging property without prior written consent of the bank;
    • Failure to notify the bank of the changes in personal data, contact information, place of residence, place of work, position and other circumstances that may influence on performance of obligations under the loan agreement;
    • Non-provision of information to the bank on their proprietary position and income within the time and according to the procedure defined by the loan agreement;
    • Refusal to early repay the loan in cases specified in the loan agreement,
    • A penalty of 1% of the disbursed loan amount is chargeable for each case of the breach.
  8. The bank has no right to unilaterally amend the agreements concluded with customers (other that the public part of the agreement).
  9. The customer can refuse from obtaining advertising material through remote communication channels.
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