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Credit card for the salary clients


Employees of the enterprises using salary cards of PJSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK have a possibility to open a credit card with a credit limit under special conditions:

  • to receive a credit limit for free, additional credit card of a higher class are opened;
  • it is not necessary to provide a certificate from the place of employment to open a credit line;
  • credit limit is provided without collateral;
  • credit limit validity equals to 24 months with a possibility of further extension;
  • credit limit is established at the level of 3 average monthly salaries (excluding taxes, duties and other mandatory payments);
  • interest for credit limit utilization is accrued for the actual number of days when credit limit was used and on used amount only;
  • grace period lasts up to 55 days and applies to goods/services purchase transactions made in trade and service network and via the Internet ;
  • fee for credit limit utilization starts from 30% p.a.;
  • mandatory monthly payment on the loan amounts to 5% of the credit limit amount that was actually used;
  • mandatory monthly payment on the loan is written off from the salary card and transferred to the credit card automatically it saves your time;
  • funds for loan repayment are entered free of charge;
  • if necessary, the amount larger than the mandatory monthly payment may be paid for credit line redemption (by means of card-to-card transfer at the ATM or in any other way).

You may learn more detailed information about credit card opening by calling the Contact Center of the Bank at 0 800 30 5555 or having addressed the outlet of the Bank where your salary card was opened.

Terms of use of payment cards starting from 01.07.2014