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Investment loan

In the context of the market relations development investment lending is one of the main ways of expansion and renewal of fixed assets and production capacity. Business development loan from PJSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” will not only help you implement new projects, but expand already existing business and take it to the next level of development.

Terms of financing:

Object of financing 1) financing purchases of permanent assets (except vehicles) for conducting business activities;
2) modernization /repairs of real estate used in business activity;
3) other investment needs of business aimed at its development and expansion (including construction).
Maximum loan amount up to 75% of the project’s cost and up to 85% in case of additional collateral
Lending period Maximum period of lending:
1) for the purchase / formation of permanent assets:
a) commercial real estate – up to 84 months inclusively;
b) other permanent assets – up to 60 months inclusively;
2) for the reconstruction/ repairs of real estate – up to 36 months inclusively.
Currency UAH, USD[1], EUR[1]
Form of loan disbursement Loan is provided in form of non-revolving line of credit. Credit funds are transferred in cashless form from the loan account to the current account of the borrower /counterparty according to agreement / invoice and if so requested by the customer.
Amortization schedule Loan is repaid in equal installments on a monthly basis, payment of interests is done monthly. The first payment on loan can be deferred, if deferral is well-grounded. Maximum period of deferral is 6 months from the start of financing.
Commission for loan issue One-time payment of 1% of the amount of established limit
Requirements for borrowers 1) customer whose business is in operation not less than 12 months;
2) financial stability and solvency;
3) opening of a current account with PJSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” and transfer of turnovers in proportion to loan debt.
Requirements for collateral Personal property and real estate belonging to the borrower or guarantor can be pledged as collateral.
Insurance of pledged property At any insurance company of customer’s choosing from those approved by the Bank


List of required documents for the loan

You may get a loan, having addressed any outlet of CREDIT AGRICOLE in your region.

Contact information of the managers in the cities of Ukraine

We will be happy to see you in any regional outlet of CREDIT AGRICOLE, and our managers are always ready to provide you with detailed advice.

[1]: Foreign currency loan is extended only if there are foreign currency revenues