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Deposit calculator

PJSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK offers to all its customers a full range of programs for placing temporarily available funds to receive maximum additional income.

  • Term deposit with the term from 2 days without possibility of advanced withdrawal of deposit amount.
  • "Free" deposit with a possibility of free replenishment and withdrawal from deposit account.

Deposits can be placed either in the national or foreign currency. In order to ensure efficient funds management, a Banking Account General Agreement* is concluded with a customer on a one-off basis. This allows placing temporarily available funds for different terms in the framework of a single agreement and deposit account (by terms and currencies).

General Agreement Advantages:

  • concluding of a single agreement for all deposits types;
  • opening of a single account by terms and currencies of deposit*;
  • efficiency of free funds management: in order to open a new deposit within General Agreement its enough just to submit a deposit placement request;
  • after withdrawal of all funds from a deposit account, it is still available during 180 calendar days after zeroing.

* One account is opened by deposit currency and term. For example, if you are planning to place deposits up to one year in hryvnia and euro, two accounts will be opened for these deposits accounting.

In order to open a deposit, you have:

  • to sing the Banking Deposit General Agreement with the Bank;
  • to submit documents necessary for deposit account opening;
  • to open a current account in the Bank if you are not a client of PJSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK.