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Card transactions insurance

Card account funds contingency insurance program:

  • Fraud (including “phishing”) in any country
  • Theft of cash withdrawn in any country’s ATM
  • Loss or theft of an internal Ukrainian or foreign passport

CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK offers securing transactions with your credit card by means of using “Voluntary Insurance of Financial Risks for the Bank Card Holders» service with the support of PZU UKRAINE insurance company.

At their own request, Customers-cardholders of CREDIT AGRICOLE can obtain contingency insurance of:

  • funds in their card account;
  • cash withdrawn from an ATM using a card;
  • an internal passport, a foreign passport, a driving license, vehicle registration license.

Contingencies that provide the person insured with the right for insurance indemnity obtaining include:

  • fraud (including “phishing”) in any country during 24 hours since first cash withdrawal from the card account;
  • theft of cash withdrawn in any country’s ATM using a card, by means of robbery or brigandage that occurred during 3 (three) hours after withdrawal;
  • loss or theft of the abovementioned documents on the territory of Ukraine.
Additional information

The Insurer:

  • An individual having full legal capacity

The person insured:

  • An individual having full legal capacity, 18 years old and more, resident or non-resident, TIN on hand

The insured person age:

  • 18 and more


  • Cardholder

Duration of the agreement:

  • 12 months

Insurance risks:

  • phishing (Internet fraud);
  • unauthorized funds transfer from the card account by unauthorized people which directly results in insured payment card damage due to its loss, theft or robbery including cases with entering PIN-code and/or cardholder signature forgery on a paper document which is issued as a result of the insured payment card operations;
  • unauthorized card use as a result of forgery;
  • loss of cash by the insurer which has been withdrawn from an ATM using a payment card, by means of theft and/or brigandage during 3 (three) hours after cash withdrawal;
  • documents restoring charges (internal passport, foreign passport, driving license etc.) when they are lost or damaged as a result of loss, theft, robbery, in case the insured payment card is also lost.

Insurance amounts and insurance payments options:

Insurance program
Remarks/Settlement procedure
85 UAH
150 UAH
72 UAH
Pre-payment/ VAT not included
Insurance amount
20 000 UAH
30 000 UAH
23 000 UAH

Deductible: 10%

Amount of insurance cases: 1 insurance case for each risk

Insurance territory:

Countries all around the world (except occupied and/or alienated territories, including territories of the Crimea; localities temporarily not governed by state authorities; zones of military actions; zones of military or armed conflicts, ATO territories).

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