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Life and health insurance under “Insurance Protection” program

Life and health insurance for adults and children includes comprehensive insurance coverage:

  • All-cause mortality
  • Loss of productivity (I- and II-degree disability) caused by an accident
  • Hospitalization due to pneumonia of any nature, including that caused by COVID-19
  • Treatment of pneumonia in an outpatient setting
  • Medical Concierge

Period of insurance coverage: from 3 months to 1 year depending on the program selected.

Coverage: round-the-clock.

Territory of insurance coverage: Worldwide, Ukraine.

“Protection” insurance programs

Accident +
Antivirus Protection
Total insured amount under agreement, UAH
From UAH 20 000 up to UAH 500 000
Up to UAH 50 000
All-cause mortality
100% of insured amount
UAH 5 000
100% of insured amount
Accidental death
100% of insured amount
100% of insured amount
I- and II-degree accidental disability
100% of insured amount
100% of insured amount
Hospitalization due to pneumonia of any nature, including that caused by COVID-19
100% of insured amount

Treatment of pneumonia in an outpatient setting




25% of insured amount
Cost of individual program (% of insured amount)
min 0.4%
Period of coverage
1 year
3 or 6 months
Age restrictions, as of the agreement date
18-63 years old
1-59 years old
Territory of insurance coverage

Customers can order “Antivirus Protection” insurance program remotely. They will receive a confirmation code sent to their telephones, a link to make an online payment of insurance premium, as well as an electronic insurance policy. 

The Antivirus Protection program includes the «Medical Concierge» service, which includes:

  • psychological assistance to the Insured Person in connection with the current epidemic situation COVID-19;
  • search for a laboratory and record for tests for COVID-19 (PCR, ELISA, etc.);
  • search and appointment for consultation of the Insured Person regarding the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.

What is the point in buying this particular insurance coverage?

It enables to maintain conventional standards of living under difficult circumstances associated with the insured event.


People with impaired health as follows:

  • І-, ІІ-, ІІІ-degree disabled persons
  • People with pre-existed conditions (for example, malignant tumors, liver cirrhosis, previous myocardial infarction or stroke)
  • Have AIDS or HIV infected or suffer from severe neurological disorders
  • Have drug/alcohol/toxic substances addiction
  • Additionally for “Antivirus Protection” – have had traumatic injuries including those with nervous system damage; medical staff
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