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Tires and wheels in the Vianor network

Lending terms:

Loan amount – up to UAH 20 000

Down-payment – from 20%

Term – from 3 to 24 months

Annual interest rate – 0.01%*

One-off fee – 1.50%

Monthly fee – 1.50%

Borrower’s life insurance – 1%

Early repayment – no additional costs and fees

You can get a loan if:

You are a Ukrainian citizen

You are from 25 to 65 years old and you have been working at your main job for at least 6 months

You have a regular source of income

To get a loan you need:

To choose the required good in the tire center or on the website

To apply for a loan directly in the tire center*

To make a down-payment

To get chosen goods and/or obtain services just after signing loan agreement

Documents for obtaining of loans:

Required documents:

Passport of the Borrower (citizen of Ukraine) – original

Original of the Customer’s certificate of identification number

*At the moment the lending service is available at the following addresses:

1, Verynska St., Kharkiv

137-А, Moskovsky Ave., Kharkiv

142-А, Moskovsky Ave., Kharkiv

29-A, Kharkivskykh Dyvizii St., Kharkiv

2, Lenin St., Kharkiv

44, Klochkivska St., Kharkiv

216, Shevchenko St., Kharkiv

62B, 50-richia SRSR Ave., Kharkiv

24, Sydor Kovpak St., Kharkiv (gas station OKKO)

Real annual interest rate

* Real annual interest rate of 36.34% per annum (calculated for the loan amount of 20 000 hryvnas, based on the loan term 24 months).

The actual value of the real annual interest rate on a loan will depend on the individual lending conditions (loan amount, time, special terms for the product, etc.)

Contact center Credit Agricole
0 800 30 5555 Free